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Your Ideas can be realised

It is not easy finding a piece of software or module that exactly fits your needs, and there is always a need to customise off-the-shelf products to make them work perfectly for your particular website. For people who require tailored software products Denre.com has introduced a bespoke service to make applications and plugins work the way you want them to.

Customised Software

Customers often reach out to me asking if I can help develop bespoke software functionality that may not be available in the core Boonex Dolphin platform. I am happy to offer this service and work closely with you to develop the unique applications you need.

Typical bespoke projects can include:
  • Alteration and tailoring: Modifying or adding functionality to existing modules.
  • Data Integration: working with other services and APIs, FTP integration, and importing and exporting.

What can you expect when working with me?

  • Expertise: I'll consider your overall goals and provide suggestions and analysis based on my experience.
  • Professionalism: I meet deadlines and work within budgets. The finished product will work as you expect.
  • Timeliness: You'll receive timely responses throughout the project with constant communication on progress.

How does it work and what will it cost?

Before starting any work I will provide a fair and realistic estimate of what is involved and the time and money the project will cost. When clear objectives have been set and agreed upon the work will begin. Longer-term projects will include milestone so you are able to track the progress. Customers are expected to pay at the end of each milestone for the work done up to that point. At the end of the project there will be a final hand-over to close the project and make sure everyone is happy with the result.

If for some reason we realise that a project will not be completed within the original deadline or budget, this will be communicated as early as possible. At that point you can choose to end the project and no further charges will apply.


Denre.com charges per hour at a rate of $35.